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Register for tryouts at the following link:




The Texas Warriors  are  pleased  to  announce the  2021-2022  Tryout Schedule and Registration Process.

  • All sessions will be held at the Children's Health StarsCenter in Richardson
  • The rink will open 1 hour prior to the 1st session of the day
  • Check-In will begin 45 minutes prior to the posted tryout time.
  • Players should bring a light and dark colored jersey.
  • Team Rosters will be posted shortly  after  the tryout session concludes
  • Selected players and parents will be escorted to the contract signing room in the RED rink. Please do NOT enter the contract room without an escort
  • Each player will be required to either pay in full or set up a payment plan. If choosing the payment plan option a $1000 down payment will be required. Subsequent payments will be due August 31, September 30, October 31 and November 30.
  • Please  be  sure to  know  your  Sports  Engine  Login AND  Password  as  all contracts  and payments will be completed electronically through  Sports Engine. You will need to  BRING YOU OWN DEVICE to complete the registration
  • Players with a  2012 and 2013 Birth Year (as well as  players new to Travel Hockey ) will need to bring a COPY of their Birth Certificate. This is required to complete the Official Team Rosters with USA Hockey
  • Note that the times listed are on-ice times only. The entire process may take up to 2 hours. Please plan accordingly.
  • A  Second  Skate will be added in the afternoon if the roster is not full after the morning  session. Check with  coaches, volunteers, our Website or  Social Media  sites  (Facebook/Instagram) to  see if  an  afternoon  session will be added
  • Apparel Fitting will take place at Monkey Sports on Tuesday August 3rd for AA teams and Tuesday August 10th for A teams.


Covid – 19 information for the upcoming season, and information regarding this season’s limited or no refund policy.

It is very likely that circumstances occur that prevent our players and or teams from participating in league play, practices or tournaments due to government/health restrictions, state or national orders, or, as a result of the Club exercising its best judgment to protect the participants.  The Warriors are a non-profit organization, and while we maintain financially prudent reserves, we effectively operate at financial breakeven each season.  As a result, you should be aware prior to joining a team this season that any payment obligations for season and team fees will remain in full force and effect regardless of the ability of your player to attend this season.  We will use our discretion to provide hockey this season given all the regulatory and health concerns that may exist.  In the event, that there are significant shutdowns, we reserve the right to return a pro-rata allocation to the player if any surplus funds remain after the club has fully satisfied all of its financial commitments including but not limited to coach and director pay, unreimbursed expenses for ice time, league expenses, tournament fees etc.  We have inquired with both USA Hockey and SportsEngine and as you would expect neither the USA hockey insurance nor SportsEngine registration insurance programs will cover any Covid related losses.  As a result, it will be necessary for our families to essentially self-insure for any such losses this season.